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K-12 Teaching Jobs in Virginia and DC

Are you:
·        passionate about education?
·        excited about sharing your passions in the classroom or out on the field?
·        outgoing, with a love for working with kids?
·        hoping to make a difference in others’ lives?
·        interested in building school communities?
Private and independent schools in Virginia and DC are hiring teachers in all subjects and coaches.
Southern Teachers is an education recruitment firm that helps teachers find jobs at K-12, college-preparatory, private and independent schools around the South. Our personalized teacher placement services can help you run a tailored job search and discern the opportunities most suited to you. Our services are free to candidates, as is our Teacher Job Fair on Feb 5, 2022.
Are you qualified?
·        If you majored or minored in a K-12 core subject, your skill set is in demand in schools. A Bachelor’s Degree is required (3.0 GPA minimum)
·        Athletic experience could qualify you to coach a school team
·        For Elementary positions, teaching certification is required
·        For Middle and High School, teaching certification is prized but not required
·        Experience with kids in any capacity will help your application, especially for recent graduates without teaching degrees
·        Graduate degrees can be advantageous, but are not required
Responsibilities and Duties
1.      Plan engaging lessons and develop coherent, grade- and subject-appropriate curriculum  
2.      Help students develop habits of teamwork, critical thinking, and life-long learning 
3.      Assist individual students with specific needs, employing a variety of methods and approaches 
4.      Assess, track, and communicate student progress 
5.      Supervise extracurricular activities and sports 
How to start your job search through us:
·        Apply: fill out an online application with Southern Teachers.
·        Schedule: If we can help with your job search, your assigned Placement Counselor will schedule an interview to learn about your experience and search requirements.
·        Connect: we will identify the best job opportunities for you and start connecting you with schools.
Salaries vary and are determined by each individual school.
Share your passion, and help kids grow—be a teacher!
Learn more about our work with teaching and the other ways we support schools or apply today at