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Bioinformatics/ Computational Biology Intern

Volastra Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company based in New York City, formed from the laboratory of Dr. Lewis Cantley, along with Drs. Olivier Elemento and Samuel Bakhoum. Volastra is dedicated to the discovery and development of treatments for patients with cancer. The Company’s therapies will target novel pathways and apply insights gained from its scientific founders into chromosomal instability (CIN) and its clear association with the formation, progression, and maintenance of disease. Leveraging these insights, we will identify and quickly validate novel therapies to shift the treatment paradigm in the toughest to treat cancers. 
Currently enrolled as a Master’s Program student or as an Undergraduate Senior specializing in bioinformatics, computational biology or computer science. The Intern will work closely with the Computational Biology team and the broader scientific team to achieve the company’s integrative multi-omics approach to identify novel targets and develop therapeutics to treat chromosomally unstable cancers. The Intern will partner with the team to design and execute computational workflows to support the scientific team’s strategic plans and the overall company vision. Job responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: 
  • Work with the team to develop cloud-based bioinformatics workflows for genomics data analysis 
  • Write well-documented code in one or more of the following programming languages: R, Python, bash scripting 
  • Analyze a variety of types of cancer genomics datasets such as RNA-Seq, Whole Exome Sequencing 
  • Work closely with the scientific team to integrate and establish required genomics data analytic tools and perform tasks related to large-scale data curation, organization, and centralization 
Required Skills: 
  • Advanced level coding experience in Python, bash scripting, R, and R shiny  
  • Experience working in Linux environments and high-performance cluster computing 
  • Understanding and hands-on experience executing genomic data processing and familiarity with bioinformatics software/tools – eg: STAR, Salmon, Stringtie etc. 
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office 
  • Ability to communicate findings clearly to both technical domain specialists and non-specialists. 
Preferred Skills: 
  • Experience working in a cloud environment 
  • Experience using bioinformatics workflow managers such as Nextflow 
Volastra is a lean team of dedicated individuals working to advance therapies for patients with cancer. As such, the Intern will from time to time will have the opportunity to work on projects and take on responsibilities that may fall outside his/her scope of work.