About Extern

Extern (formerly Paragon One) invented the remote Externship, a completely new form of real work experience with integrated learning. Our mission is to help anyone discover and launch their career through real professional experiences available anywhere at any time. Since 2019, we’ve created and powered Externships on behalf of companies—from Fortune 500s to startups—that have enabled tens of thousands of students to build real work experience on their resumes and open doors to incredible job opportunities. Extern leverages software and industry experts to make Externships possible and incredibly streamlined for both students and companies.

Work experience is the credential that matters most, but getting it when you don’t have experience can be hard. We envision a world where anyone can access work experience as a form of education—no matter their background, experience, or socio-economic status.

By making work experience more accessible, Extern is driving the rapid mobility and upskilling needed for a new economy. Come join our movement to reshape work, education, and credentialing for future generations with the Externship.


Market Research & Data Analyst

October 2023 - December 2023 Stillwater, OK
“I loved the setup and the team at Extern (formally Paragon One). They really want to help jump-start your career, and they give out excellent feedback. Plus, my externship was with Mobalytics, so researching and playing video games was a dream come true. ”

PwC Extern

August 2023 - September 2023 New York City, NY
“Very supportive and easy to follow instructions. Learned a lot and developed my soft skills. Also improved my research skills ”
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