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How much support from upper management did you receive as an intern at Goldman Sachs?

You should receive as much support as you give back to your desk. Upper management will make an effort to meet with you and get to know you. They are invested in making you love the firm as well as fully trained. Think about it, this firm is onboarding you, paying you with a pretty top-notch wage...
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Specifically for Summer Analysts, what should I know beforehand to succeed?

Quantitative skills: as an analyst, you would need to be comfortable with working with datasets and building models; it helps to know a coding language, could be R, SAS, python. Curiosity: curiosity about the market, what drives a price movement and the constant desire to learn and be challenge...
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Any tips for my Summer Analyst interview at Goldman Sachs?

There are a number of things - teamwork is huge at Goldman so try to highlight your ability to work as a team player wherever you can. Depending on your exact role, there will be various technical questions that for me pertained largely to things I had on my resume. If you have a prior internship...
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In general, what should I do to make the most out of my experience at Goldman Sachs?

Curiosity, persistence, and an excellent work ethic are three skills that would benefit him greatly. Curiosity helps me to think outside the box and tackle problems that others may avoid. Persistence keeps me going when I fail - I’d say I learn more when I’m wrong than when I am right. Last, work...
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Is there a formal mentorship program at Goldman Sachs?

It does! Before you arrive, you’re paired with a buddy and manager. Your buddy is an analyst or associate who’s your cheerleader, confidant, and mentor. You can talk to him/her about anything. Your manager is someone you have weekly catch-ups with and who’s also there to support you throughout th...
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What specifically does your Summer Analyst role mean in terms of what you do at Goldman Sachs?

I worked in GSAM's Fixed Income division so I can only truly speak to that experience. Different groups might run their programs differently and my statements represent only my own experience, I do not speak for the firm. As a summer analyst, I would spend most of my time working on rotational in...
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What were your most and least favorite aspects of working at Goldman Sachs?

There were many things I loved about being at the firm. This builds a bit on the third question but having true ownership over your project is great. I enjoyed the great people at the firm, and if you do have the opportunity to meet anyone from GS, you will hear them talk again and again about th...
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Work-life balance is very challenging at investment firms, what has your experience been like at Goldman Sachs?

To be honest, hours are long and demanding and you will be expected to perform in a high pressure environment. However, that being said, the firm is always supportive of your personal commitments and priorities. I always worked flexible hours during Ramadan to head home in time to break my fast (...
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What is the culture like at Goldman Sachs?

GS has a lot of opportunities where young employees and interns can achieve their goals, contribute to the firm/ world, and get support from senior members in the firm. I had my manager, mentor, and buddy throughout the internship. I also had meetings to talk with senior members in the firm (in m...
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How's the level of ownership that you will have over your projects at Goldman Sachs?

You will have full ownership over your work. You will have supporting members on your desk, however generally your project is indeed your project. Most likely, your manager will give you a general round down of what he or she wants. It’s really important for you to get a sense of who your manager...
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Ultimately how does my work impact Goldman Sachs?

The credit analyst assesses the companies that the investment bank trades with to make recommendations to the Sales & Trading team on the size of the trades (and risk) the bank should take on each company they trade with. The credit analyst also uses their assessment of the financial stability of...
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What motivated you to apply for the Summer Analyst role at Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs is a technology focused company that continuously drives firm internal innovation. I was drawn in by the idea of a firm in the finance sector that approaches technology with open arms, and pushes the status quo.
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Would you say Goldman Sachs emphasizes its value on a daily basis?

While it might come as a surprise to some people that don't truly know the firm, GS is actually very strong with this. The most important and obvious to see once you're there is teamwork. Whenever you're working on a deal you loop in and seek advice from pretty much everyone that should be involv...
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How is the training program for a Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs?

The first week of the summer program is all training for new investment banking and merchant banking summer analysts at the office in Jersey City. These training sessions usually started around 7:00am and let out as late as 10:00pm. It includes a full Training The Street course on corporate valua...
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Do you recommend Goldman Sachs as a good place as my first career after graduating?

It’s a great place to intern or work. I only spent one summer there, and that was enough time for me to both learn an enormous amount and realize that I do not want to go into banking long-term. The earlier you can figure out whether this (extreme) lifestyle and work environment is right for you,...
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Tips on converting my internship to a full-time offer at Goldman Sachs?

While I did not intern with them, I know the ones that were extended a full time offer are the ones who created visibility for themselves. You can be the best at your job, but if every person in your floor doesnt know that, then it's not very useful. This may sound crude, but like I said, everyon...
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Curious to hear about your individual day in the life at Goldman Sachs! All responses welcomed.

It’s a long day! Depending on your position within the firm, start time could be anywhere from 5am (trading) to 8:30am (banking / legal / compliance). You will spend a lot of time sitting at your desk working on projects on your desktop computer. “Catchups,” or coffee / lunch with other interns o...
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What does it take to succeed as a Securities Analyst Intern at Goldman Sachs?

First of all you have to keep in mind that it’s very desk-based. Each desk has different cultures, services different clients (e.g. fast money, real money), has different stakeholders (e.g. internal liquidity sourcing, firm wide business strategy group), looks for different skill sets (e.g. trade...
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What will I need to know in order to perform my best as a Technology Analyst at Goldman Sachs?

As a technology analyst, you are hired to perform one of very different technical roles that may or may not have much to do with finance. You do not apply for a specific role, you are assigned based on your measured skills during interviews or undergraduate major. As a result, strong analytical s...
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